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Label should display allergic contents in a visible and specific colour in a specific area of every products Do you agree?- do

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Various food products showing allergic ingredients in different places and different colours and very small fonts. Consumers facing difficulty to find and read these labels.  Few countries like NZ now agreed allergic labels must be in specific colours and a particular font size and be in a specific area of package. Do you agree this will be  useful 

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Yes, Allergen information on food label is very important and it should be clearly visible to the consumer.It has been observed that, both allergic and non-allergic consumers find allergen information difficult to interpret on packaged foods and misunderstand PAL(precautionary allergen label), incorrectly distinguishing different risk levels for different PAL wording. Clearer allergy information guidelines are called for, and the use of only one PAL wording is recommended which should be clearly visible and should have readable font size.

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Yes , i do agree with this.

Most of the consumers have a perception of choosing well packed, reasonable price and attractive product than looking into the label.

Why is it? 

Most of the brand holders pretend to convey what they have incorporated particularly in the product and also hesitate to mention them on the labels. They just say that they are consumer minded but focusing on the market, sales and profit majorly.

The labeling must have allergic contents in bold , different colour and framed for the consumer's notice.

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