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Vegan label in food products - a regulatory requirement or a voluntary requirement


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Many countries  neglect the demand of vegans to put mandatory regulatory requirement of  vegan label in vegan products, but Many  food regulators thought it is a voluntary requirement. The issue  is Products labelled and marketed as suitable for vegans and vegetarians have been found to contain traces of animal substances, originating from shared production lines and equipment during the manufacturing process or a contaminated product in the supply chain.

The central government published the final notification for Food and Safety Standards (Vegan) Regulations, 2022. It specified what constitutes vegan food, what kind of labelling/packaging will be required for it and the compliances for Food Business Operators too. 

Do you support all countries must follow vegan labelling like that of Halal?

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Yes, vegan logo should be taken into consideration by various nations. It has been observed that many companies make false claims on their products having  descriptive labels such as “suitable for vegans” or “vegan friendly” meaning the use of such terms is likely to be inconsistent at best and misleading at worse. 

Proper regulations and guidelines should be given to producers by the government,so that any information provided voluntarily must not mislead consumers or be ambiguous or confusing

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