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What makes vegan/vegetarian meat alternatives attractive to the consumer?

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German market is now booming with meat substitute products! Even though, German cousine is heavily consisted of meat dishes, the German population seems to shift their preferences to alternative meat. Many consumers suggests the shift is caused by the wide availability of alternative products on the market, tempting the consumer to try it out, and similar price tag.
What does make you as a consumer, buy vegan/vegetarian alternatives? Is it the affordability, the taste? Do you think the alternative meat product can really substitute the taste of original meat?
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Cattle are the No. 1 agricultural source of greenhouse gases worldwide. Each year, a single cow will belch about 220 pounds of methane. Many people worried about climate change due  to  cattle farming  and many thinks that, swine fever ( H1NN1), avian influenza like zoonotic disease can affect by meat consumption.

So more people prefer vegan, vegetarian food products


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Most of them chose vegan food products as I have a point that cereals and pulses have longer period of shelf life and can be stored at normal room temperature.

These cereals and legumes do have many natural properties like antimicrobial, antifugal etc which contributes to longer shelf life storage and easy consumption when cooked properly.

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